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Noo ye're married to her, there's her bonnets and goons and under-clothin'--her ribbons, laces, furbelows, and fallals.
Yoko Ono once gave John Lennon around 40 hours of Goon Show tapes for his birthday and he even reviewed The Goon Show Scripts book in 1973 for the New York Times.
Goon is an offbeat comedy based on the incredible true story of a minor league ice hockey player who courted fame for his thuggish conduct.
THE mad-cap humour of the Goons has been held up by the Prince ofWales as an antidote to comics who use "cruelty and smut" to get a laugh.
The comic, who rose to fame on The Goon Show and changed the face of British comedy with his absurd humour, told Lester he was bored with television and writing and "no matter how small I would like a part, preferably the lead".
It allows MK 19 gunners to attach ammunition belts without having to reload the weapon when under hostile gunfire, Goon said.
Let's switch letterjackets with them and put on the Goon uniforms.
When traditional Oglalas resisted his attempt to seize their land, Wilson created a goon squad, paid with Bureau of Indian Affairs funds and largely composed of off-duty Bureau cops.
If you recognise these names, then you will have heard The Goon Show, which rewrote the rules of comedy during the 1950s.