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 (gō′po͝or-əm) also go·pu·ra (-po͝or-ə)
1. An entrance building to a Hindu temple in southern India, often topped by a tiered tower of massive proportions and intricate decoration.
2. A similar entrance to a Cambodian Hindu and Buddhist temple from the period of the Khmer empire, often of cruciform shape and topped by a small central tower.

[Hindi gopuram, alteration (probably influenced by Hindi go Sanskrit gauḥ, go-, cow) of Tamil kōpuram, gopuram : , king + puram, fortress (from Sanskrit puram, from pūr, pur-, rampart, fortress; see pelə- in Indo-European roots).]
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Maruthu produced by Gopuram Films releases in the UAE on May 19.
Visit the main gopuram and you will be awestruck by its beauty.
And so Nithya Menon made her debut as the lead heroine opposite Mohanlal in Akasha Gopuram.
The main gopuram and inner ceiling were covered with colourful figures from mythology and Hindu Puranas while the pillars bore exquisite sculptures and carvings.
Chitra Gopuram of the Nambi Rayar temple alone shatters that myth and
The temple and the church are like Siamese twins, though the gopuram, done in South Indian style, and the spires reveal their distinct identities.
Its huge gopuram gateway towers covered in countless polychrome sculptures of divine figures, animals and demons and its vast architectural scale and numerous shrines to 'myriads of monster-gods, many-headed, many-armed, often colossal' left him cold.
They pointed out that the 4-Acre land that belongs to the temple has to be exclusively made use for the temple and a the temple has to be reconstructed with the primordial tower - Gopuram Bell Tower, inner and outer Courts of the temple redone, and instead of a-day annual festival of the temple, the festival days has to be increased to 10 and arrangements have to be done to have five time poojas per day and also ensure the availability of the priests for the travelers to perform religious rituals at the temple whilst on transit at the temple.
Her debut as an actor was in the Mohanlal-starrer kasha Gopuram ten years later.
The temple, constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, is glorified in the Divya Prabandha, the early medieval Tamil literature canon of the Tamil Alvar saints (6th-9th centuries CE), with structural additions to it made throughout the 16th century CE, when its ornate Gopuram was constructed.
Statues of Mary, Benedict, and Paul adorn the chapel gopuram (towers).