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Gormlessly entertaining Friday night no-brainer fun.
There's no need to think of what to say when we all draw to a halt, because I'm so f***in close and behaving so gormlessly that there's a bollocking coming my way for sure - but at least that's breaking the humdrum of it all.
I asked gormlessly, knowing Leanne was having her wedding in Greece and that Bobbie had never been out of the country.
I've lost count the number of time I have complained to the bin men, they just stand there gormlessly and walk away.
Right now, though, it's just a huge relief to know that we can approach what should be a superb tournament without everyone having gormlessly conned themselves into believing the impossible is probable.
Within six minutes they had been mesmerised by Charlie Mulchrone's jinking run and stood gormlessly under their posts watching Socino make it 10-0.
The consumers are spoiled fanatics who hate creativity; the developers are cowardly sycophants who pander to whatever market research their publisher shows them and the critics, or whatever it is you can call people who write about games, are toothless, lazy ditzes, gormlessly recycling PR spunk into hype, and failing to engage with their subject at every turn.
Admittedly, he was standing in the midst an agitated swarm of his monastery's bees at the time and I had gormlessly encroached upon their territory.
Of course, there was a huge embarrassing wait as I gormlessly stared at a huge bowl of moules and didn't have a clue how to tackle them.
Director Michael Howcroft, whose credits include South Pacific at the Barbican and stints on the Rocky Horror Show and Spamalot, keeps the action ticking along and delivers several big set pieces with good natured brio - energetic dance numbers by white underpantclad American footballers and gormlessly perky cheerleaders, and a nifty hallelujah chorus of Texas Has a Whorehouse In It.
However, teens these days are more than happy to walk next to their parents - as long as they can stare gormlessly into an iPad or other device.
So even when she uttered the descriptive but totally useless "a bit like a dog" as we gormlessly and hopelessly sat in a pub next to Crossroads waiting for the ghosts of Miss Diane and Benny to appear and point out someone she knew from the internet, she still couldn't quite grasp the enormity of the situation.