gospel side

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Gospel side

The left side of an altar or a chancel as the congregation faces it.

[So called from the practice in some churches of reading the Gospel and the Epistle from different sides.]

gos′pel side`

the left side of a church, facing the altar.
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In the Philippines, when natives and Chinese mestizos shared a church, natives had the privilege of sitting in the front rows of the Gospel side, while Chinese mestizos and Chinese sat on the side of the Apostles.
The gospel side of this trajectory is to revel in the amazing relationship that exists between a guilty person and an empathetic judge.
We learned to move our dolls about the altar, to the Epistle side, to the Gospel side, bow in the center.
16) In the Gotha panel, two nude male figures appear on either side of a tree that is green and living on the gospel side to the viewer's right, but barren and dying on the law side to the viewer's left.
We assume we are sitting on the gospel side and the rest are on the culture side.
On the gospel side, discoveries abound for all but the most learned music historian.
But on the gospel side of the aisle, many true believers pointed fingers of retribution: This, they wagged, was the wages of sin.
The new king Philip III attended the ceremony from behind a canopy in the transept on the gospel side, marked with a cross (|la courtine du Roy').
Part of a series of releases marking the 80th anniversary of the late, great country star's birth, this 2CD set concentrates on rare and unreleased gospel sides.