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 (gŏs′ən, gŏz-)
An exposed, oxidized portion of a mineral vein, especially a rust-colored outcrop of iron ore.

[Cornish gossen, from gōs, blood, from Old Cornish guit.]


(Mining & Quarrying) an oxidized portion of a mineral vein in rock


(ˈgɒs ən, ˈgɒz-)

a rust-colored, oxidized deposit along an exposed iron-bearing vein.
[1770–80; orig. dial. (Cornwall) < Cornish, derivative of gōs blood; akin to Welsh gwaed]
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Work in both the southern joint venture agreement area and the northern license area, confirms widespread copper and zinc anomalism, in initial hand-held XRF measurement of stream sediment and soil geochemical samples, over outcropping and shallow depth continuations of gossan.
Sydney, Australia, Feb 4, 2014 - (ABN Newswire) - Sovereign Gold Company Limited (Sovereign Gold) (ASX:SOC) holds 72% of Gossan Hill Gold Limited (Gossan Hill).
In 2009, Gossan processed sand from three sonic drill holes to frac sand size ranges and retained the PropTester Labs in Texas to complete a range of API ISO test work for potential marketing to the oil and gas industry as a proppant.
Thirty-eight workers had been undergoing safety training inside the Big Gossan facility in the province of Papua when the roof collapsed May 14.
V-CNX)(OTCQX - CLLXF) is pleased to announce that it has begun a drilling campaign on its Gossan Hill gold project in Northern Manitoba near Cranberry Portage.
Malagasy Minerals has received initial assays for the June 2010 gossan grab-sample sampling programme over the previously reported 11 Magmatic Massive Sulphide Gossans at its 100%-owned Ampanihy Nickel-Copper PGE Project in southern Madagascar.
The copper mineralisation is hosted by hematitic (and goethitic) gossan with
Bankable Feasibility must be obtained by year eight before vesting 70% in the Big Gossan copper project, Pershing County, Nevada.
On 11 July 2013 Sovereign Gold Company Limited (Sovereign Gold) provided funding of $525,000 to it's subsidiary, Gossan Hill Gold Limited (Gossan Hill) through the sale of 1.
88 g/t silver from its wholly owned Gossan Hill property in Northern Manitoba near Cranberry Portage.
This high-grade sample is strongly oxidized and indicates a gossan zone in the area that is probably not outcropping.