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Used to indicate understanding or to signal the fact of having caught or defeated another.
A game or endeavor in which one party seeks to catch another out, as in a mistake or lie.

[Contraction of got you.]


expressing delight at having beaten, caught, or tricked someoneexpressing understanding of what someone has said


(ˈgɒtʃ ə)
interj. Pron. Spelling.
got you (used to indicate comprehension, to exultingly point out a blunder, etc.).


interj (inf)
(= I see)kapiert! (inf)
(when catching, hitting, killing sb) → erwischt! (inf)
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With the threat of sanctions for spoliation looming, failing to timely implement, monitor and update legal holds can be a particularly painful (and costly) gotcha.
It's not about me and gotcha questions, it's about the American people and whether they have the right to actually hear what we think," Carson said Thursday.
He was first used as a tool in the Gotcha Oscars but became so popular he ended up having his own series
Indeed, Gotcha Gas revolves around: a motorcycle gang, a host of motorists unwittingly stranded near an ill-conceived Army blast site for a bomb test, and a cast of zany characters involved in an impossible scenario.
GOTCHA (Generating panOptic Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) would be suitable for protecting high-value accounts, such as bank accounts, medical records and other sensitive information.
Gotcha International Academy, which employs three people, has helped train over 300 former Armed Forces personnel via its UK-wide network of 10 trainers that can provide training in hundreds of different courses.
The RFID equipment, including TagMaster's LR 6-HD Track Side Readers, will be integrated in the Gotcha platform during 2010.
The biggest problem we find in the Middle East is that people do the risk assessment but they don't follow through with the proper equipment," said Adams, who will provide half-day workshops for contractors to learn more about the Gotcha kit, specially designed to help rescue workers latch on an extra safety line to a dangling mate using a three-metre extendable pole and then quickly lower or raise the person to medical attention.
So, our authors of other Gotcha books of lists have created this volume, which concentrates on fascinating nonfiction.
Is it inevitable that the culture of gotcha politics will get worse?
His solicitor Caroline McGoun told the court: "The notes were only photocopied on one side and on the other side they said gotcha.
Choose a gun from more than 15 of the most up-to-date Gotcha weapons in the world and make up your team out of more than 20 players with individual skills.