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Used to indicate understanding or to signal the fact of having caught or defeated another.
A game or endeavor in which one party seeks to catch another out, as in a mistake or lie.

[Contraction of got you.]


expressing delight at having beaten, caught, or tricked someoneexpressing understanding of what someone has said


(ˈgɒtʃ ə)
interj. Pron. Spelling.
got you (used to indicate comprehension, to exultingly point out a blunder, etc.).


interj (inf)
(= I see)kapiert! (inf)
(when catching, hitting, killing sb) → erwischt! (inf)
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However, self-collection is one of the thorniest of all e-discovery gotchas.
student in computer science, who developed GOTCHAs along with Manuel Blum, professor of computer science, and Anupam Datta, associate professor of computer science and electrical and computer engineering.
Line this movie up against the far-inferior ``Identity'' (2004), which twisted every bit of fairness out of its surprise gotchas, and ``Mindhunters'' is the clear winner.
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All of this applied talent adds up to a satisfying series of eewwws and gotchas, but little more.