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Contraction of got to: I gotta go home.


vb, contraction of
got to


(ˈgɒt ə)
Pron. Spelling.
got to.
usage: See get.


[ˈgɒtə] vi (esp Am) (= have got to) I gotta get dresseddevo vestirmi
I've gotta get back → devo tornare
References in classic literature ?
You gotta hell of a nerve to come to see me," he commented cheerfully.
Quick, then," he replied, "for we gotta go it if we're goin' to catch the Kincaid afore she sails.
Well," he snarled, "I suppose I gotta give you cheap skates a drink when I ain't got more'n enough for a good petrification for myself.
They're wide open, an' all you gotta do is hit 'em.
com)-- 7 Door Sedan's second album "Gotta Gotta Gotta" is available today on Two Sixty AC Records.
Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag: Just Gotta Dance Philharmonic Hall ANTON Du Beke and Erin Boag are returning to Liverpool with their latest live show.
The Amazing Race," or "TAR" Season 25 will air its second episode titled "When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go" on Friday, Oct.
Disbury Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Gotta Getta Group, has paid penalties totalling $20,400 following the issue of two infringement notices by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in relation to advertisements for Gotta Getta Group s solar systems.
I gotta get her, go get her back, I gotta treat her right, I gotta cherish her for life.
The lyrics of the new song furhter go as, I gotta get her, go get her back / I gotta treat her right / I gotta cherish her for life.
The win gave skipper Seve Jarvin his sixth victory as a skipper in the championship, equaling the longstanding record of Iain Murray (1977-1982 inclusive) who as fate would have it is now team manager for Gotta Love It 7.
MATT Smith has confirmed he is leaving Dr Who with the words: "When you gotta go you gotta go.