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or Göt·ter·däm·mer·ung  (gŏt′ər-dăm′ə-rŭng′, gœt′ər-dĕm′ə-ro͝ong′)
A turbulent ending of a regime or an institution: "The nation had been flirting with forms of götterdämmerung, with extremes of vocabulary and behavior and an appetite for violent resolution" (Lance Morrow).

[After Götterdämmerung, , an opera by Richard Wagner, from German, twilight of the gods : Götter, genitive pl. of Gott, god (from Middle High German got, from Old High German; see gheu(ə)- in Indo-European roots) + Dämmerung, twilight (from Middle High German demerunge, from Old High German demerunga, from demar, twilight).]


(ˌɡɒtəˈdɛməˌrʊŋ; German ɡœtərˈdɛmərʊŋ)
(European Myth & Legend) German myth the twilight of the gods; their ultimate destruction in a battle with the forces of evil. Norse equivalent: Ragnarök


(ˌgɒt ərˈdæm əˌrʊŋ, -ˌrʌŋ)

2. total destruction or downfall, as or as if in a great final battle.
[1875–80; < German, =Götter, pl. of Gott God + Dämmerung twilight]


A German word meaning twilight of the gods, a time when the gods of German mythology perish in combat with the forces of evil.
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Noun1.Götterdämmerung - myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evilGotterdammerung - myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil
myth - a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people