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Mordaunt followed the carriage, and when he had watched it drive beneath the sombre arches he went and stationed himself under a wall over which the shadow was extended, and remained motionless, amidst the moldings of Jean Goujon, like a bas-relievo, representing an equestrian statue.
Hence Raphael, Michael Angelo, Jean Goujon, Palestrina, those splendors of the dazzling sixteenth century.
Her slender and well-defined outlines reminded an artist of the Venus of the Middle Ages rendered by Jean Goujon, the illustrious sculptor of Diane de Poitiers.
I have an irrational fear of the reconstructed chicken mince complete with nasty images of chicken bits in blenders, which is often used to make goujons.
Whitby Seafoods, a leading supplier of scampi and other IQF seafood products to the foodservice industry have chosen Ishida Europe, tel:0121 607 7700, to project-manage a turnkey installation for the weighing and packing of a range of products including scampi, plaice goujons, prawns and shrimps.
My husband Harry went for the heartier option of chicken goujons with curry sauce and basmati rice.
It specializes in the processing and packaging of a range of chicken products, in fact some 620,000 birds a week are utilized to produce breast fillets, boneless breasts, drum sticks, oyster thighs, quarters, goujons and skinless boneless thighs.
If EastEnders were a Hollywood teen movie, these two babes in the wood would have been chopped into bite-sized goujons with a fish knife well before now and they wouldn't be much missed.
We went on to share the crispy coated chicken goujons, breaded mushrooms, barbecue ribs and garlic bread along with the sweet chilli and garlic mayo dips.
A night porter phoned police after he heard Paul Bennett, 22, and Darren McGlinchey, 19, rustling up chicken goujons.
The starters were what you'd traditionally expect before a roast - soup of the day, potato skins, chicken goujons and prawn cocktails.