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It is a mighty sour pill for us all, my friend - even the modestest of us, let alone the other kind, that think they are going to be received like a long-lost government bond, and hug Abraham into the bargain.
If government bonds are sold off, the BOJ can receive payments on excess reserves as compensation from private banks and other institutions, and while the BOJ balance sheet will shrink in size, it can sell government bonds when there is downward pressure on government bond prices with rising interest rates, and the BOJ may have to accrue capital losses.
The six government bond indices are BPI Philippine Government Bond Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond 1-3 Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond Index 1-5 Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond 5+ Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Liquid Bond Index, BPI Philippine Government Money Market Index.
The BOJ's government bond holdings accounted for 15.
IMF financial counsellor and director, Jose Vinals, said, 'the high sovereign debt and rising consolidation of government bond holdings in the banking system are important stability risks.
If South Africa continues to meet all WGBI criteria with the May and June 2012 profiles, it will become the first African government bond market to be included in the WGBI, bringing the number of sovereign markets to 23, effective October 2012.
Citi (NYSE: C) has said that its Fixed-Income Index Group has grown its coverage of the Asian sovereign bond markets with the addition of Citigroup Chinese Government Bond Index and the Citigroup Sri Lankan Government Bond Index.
The Treasury held two auctions to sell 581-day zero-coupon government bonds and 5-year government bonds with a semi annually fixed coupon rate of 5 percent.
The combined government bond and cash holdings of these institutions still represents 30 percent of their assets, or some [euro]500 billion (USD$651 billion)," says McNickle.
A dealer said the bond market's reaction on the extra budget will be small unless details of the second extra budget becomes clear or the government decides to increase sharply the issuance of government bonds to finance the second extra budget.
A government bond pegged to the rate of inflation is an idea in existence since at least the 19th century.
Also, Japanese law prohibits the Bank of Japan's direct subscription to new government bond issues.

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