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The office, term, or jurisdiction of a governor.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the office, jurisdiction, or term of a governor


(ˈgʌv ər nərˌʃɪp, -ə nər-)

the position, duties, or term of office of a governor.
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Noun1.governorship - the office of governor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
مَنْصِب الحاكِم أو الوالي
úřad guvernéra
kormányzó ügyköre/hatásköre
úrad guvernéra


[ˈgʌvənəʃɪp] Ngobierno m, cargo m de gobernador(a)


n (= office)Gouverneursamt nt; (= period)Amtszeit fals Gouverneur


(ˈgavəmənt) noun
1. the people who rule a country or state. the British Government.
2. the way in which a country or state is ruled. Democracy is one form of government.
3. the act or process of governing.
governmental (gavnˈmentl) adjective
ˈgovernor noun
1. in the United States, the head of a state. the Governor of Ohio.
2. a member of the committee of people who govern a school, hospital etc. He is on the board of governors.
3. a person who governs a province or colony.
ˈgovernorship noun
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To which Sancho replied, "Ever since I have sniffed the governorship I have got rid of the humours of a squire, and I don't care a wild fig for all the duennas in the world.
He was so unworldly and so little of a courtier that when the new Emperor Su Tsung returned in triumph to the capital and appointed him Imperial Censor, he fulfilled his new duties by telling his majesty the whole unpalatable truth in a manner strangely free from ornamental apology, and was promptly rewarded with the exile of a provincial governorship.
The secrets of the Bastile are never handed over with the keys of the governorship.
He fought and traveled, attended to his estates in Ireland, to his business in Cornwall, to his governorship in Jersey.
We hear that the Governorship has been offered to Colonel Rawdon Crawley, C.
She had proposed to make this clear to them at dinner with allusions to her late father's governorship, and also at the same time to hint that it was exceedingly stupid of them to turn away on meeting her.
The king generally bestowed the governorships of the American colonies upon needy noblemen, or hangers-on at court, or disbanded officers.
Your Excellency, we feel that it is a right time to put before you this request of the community of the area, this community since Western Bahr el Ghazal state was established has never been given a chance of governorship, up to the time of the present division of another state," adds the letter, a copy of which Sudan Tribune obtained.
Arrival of Jolie and UNHCR Chief Guterres to Mardin Governorship
The party lost even more ground in 2005, winning just one governorship.
Karachi -- Showing dismay on the media speculation that former nationalist and presently leader of ruling Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PMLN) Mumtaz Bhutto is being appointed as Sindh governor, Pasban e Pakistan general secretary Usman Moazzam said Sindh does not need yet another Wadera, but a capable and honest person for the slot of governorship.
In a statement released by the Commissiona s Secretary Mrs Augusta Ogakwu, at the end of a four-day retreat in Kaduna On Friday, the Commission said the State Governorship and House of Assemblies elections would be held on February 28.