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grab 1

v. grabbed, grab·bing, grabs
1. To take or grasp suddenly: grabbed the letter from me.
2. To capture or restrain; arrest.
3. To obtain or appropriate unscrupulously or forcibly: grab public funds; grab power.
4. To take hurriedly: grabbed my coat and hat and left.
5. Slang To capture the attention of: a plot that grabs the reader.
To make a grasping or snatching motion: We grabbed for the life raft.
a. A sudden attempt to grasp or hold something: made a grab for the railing.
b. A sudden, often unscrupulous taking control or ownership of something: "The imminence of death is reflected in every last power-stroke and grab of the great money bosses" (Dylan Thomas).
2. A mechanical device for gripping an object.
Relating or being an object or device that is grabbed or gripped for support or balance: installed a grab bar in the shower.
up for grabs Slang
Available for anyone to take or win: "The reputation of the ... king is still up for grabs" (William Zinsser).

[Obsolete Dutch or Low German grabben, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grab′ba·ble adj.
grab′ber n.

grab 2

A usually two-masted, sharp-prowed coastal vessel of the Indian Ocean.

[Arabic ġurāb, raven, swift galley; see ġrb in Semitic roots.]


able to be grabbed
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249) When an officer arrests a suspect, the law permits a full search incident to arrest of the person and the immediately grabbable area, (250) a protective sweep of a house or car, (251) and often an inventory search of a car or belongings.
But these things are marketable and grabbable - it's easier for PR to communicatie how amazing looking a game is than how emotionally resonant or intellectually engaging it might be.
Using graphic imagery designed to provoke disgust towards fat while labelling fat 'toxic', the ads inform viewers that 'a grabbable gut on the outside is a sure sign there's toxic fat on the inside'.