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A usually elongated depression between geologic faults.

[German Graben, from Middle High German grabe, trench, from Old High German grabo, from graban, to dig; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) an elongated trough of land produced by subsidence of the earth's crust between two faults
[C19: from German, from Old High German graban to dig]


(ˈgrɑ bən)

a portion of the earth's crust, bounded on at least two sides by faults, that has dropped downward in relation to adjacent portions.
[1895–1900; < German: ditch]
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Elevated blocks of crust remain between two graben when the faults occur parallel, causing a series of crests and troughs.
Tectonically the block lies on NW-SE oriented Panno-Aqil Graben between two highs i.
Malazi studied data showing a narrow but deep graben with a thicker sedimentary basin than originally thought.
Verdi said in a statement it had called workers to strike at distribution centers in Bad Hersfeld, Leipzig, Graben, Werne and Rheinberg, Reuters reported.
Albertine Graben region in 2006, and deposits of some 3.
If the troughs are made possible by differentiation, then the cracks aren't just troughs, they're graben.
The evidence is a series of small, narrow valleys called graben, which result when crust on the Moon (or Earth) pulls apart.
Although an extensional regime associated with the formation of the offshore Valencia Trough (Roca and Guimera, 1992; Anadon and Roca, 1996) has prevailed in the central sector of the Iberian Chain from the Middle Miocene up to the present-day, two main phases of graben development are differentiated (Capote et al.
The firm has tested sixteen holes in the Graben Fault Zone in the Sixty Mile River Valley and four tested the Thrust Fault Zone.
In the Simitli graben, they intersect each other almost perpendicularily.
The survey, supported by industry funding, covers 2,772 sq km in the North Viking Graben in the North Sea.
Assignment documentation for both the Abu Sennan concession (Beach 22%) and Mesaha Graben concession (Beach 15%) is now with the regulatory authorities and the Minister for signing.