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A usually elongated depression between geologic faults.

[German Graben, from Middle High German grabe, trench, from Old High German grabo, from graban, to dig; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Physical Geography) an elongated trough of land produced by subsidence of the earth's crust between two faults
[C19: from German, from Old High German graban to dig]


(ˈgrɑ bən)

a portion of the earth's crust, bounded on at least two sides by faults, that has dropped downward in relation to adjacent portions.
[1895–1900; < German: ditch]
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Ophir announces that it has completed operations on the G4/50-11 wildcat exploration in the South Western Graben of the Gulf of Thailand.
When commercially viable deposits of oil were first discovered in Uganda's Albertine Graben in 2006, it was hoped that production could begin as soon as 2009.
Verdi said in a statement it had called workers to strike at distribution centers in Bad Hersfeld, Leipzig, Graben, Werne and Rheinberg, Reuters reported.
Central Graben, located approximately 100km away, and the central
The theory was that the NW/SE trending graben had begun to rift in Jurassic times and accumulated a good thickness of sediment.
Oil of DRCongo is proud that it, in its capacity as operator of Bocks I and II on the Albertine Graben, it has far exceeded the licencee's obligations to the DRC with regards to providing local community support.
If the troughs are made possible by differentiation, then the cracks aren't just troughs, they're graben.
Among the topics are estimating near-surface shear-wave velocity and quality factor by inverting high-frequency Rayleigh waves, analyzing the velocity dispersion and attenuation behavior of multi-frequency sonic logs, determining electric permittivity and conductivity directly from surface-reflection data from air-launched ground penetrating radar, high-resolution seismic imaging of near-surface fault structures within the Upper Rhine Graben in Germany, and detecting perched water bodies using surface-seismic time-lapse travel-time tomography.
Assignment documentation for both the Abu Sennan concession (Beach 22%) and Mesaha Graben concession (Beach 15%) is now with the regulatory authorities and the Minister for signing.
The Timiskaming Graben lies along the border of Ontario and Quebec within the Western Quebec Seismic Zone--a conspicuous belt of heightened intracratonic seismic activity, in eastern Canada.
One of them houses the famous Meinl am Graben gourmet centre in Vienna's downtown.
99 for 750 ml bottle), Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling-Kabinett 2004 ($19) and Bernkasteler Graben Riesling-Spatlese 2004 ($26).