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Showing grace of movement, form, or proportion: "Capoeira is a graceful ballet of power and control, artists kicking and jumping in synchronized movement" (Alisa Valdes).

grace′ful·ly adv.
grace′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.gracefulness - beautiful carriage
posture, carriage, bearing - characteristic way of bearing one's body; "stood with good posture"
gracility, grace - elegance and beauty of movement or expression; "a beautiful figure which she used in subtle movements of unparalleled grace"
agility, legerity, lightsomeness, nimbleness, lightness - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble
lissomeness, litheness, suppleness - the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple
clumsiness, awkwardness - the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant


nAnmut(igkeit) f; (of movement also)Grazie f; (of building, handwriting, bow, manner)Eleganz f


[ˈgreɪsfʊlnɪs] ngrazia


(greis) noun
1. beauty of form or movement. The dancer's movements had very little grace.
2. a sense of what is right. At least he had the grace to leave after his dreadful behaviour.
3. a short prayer of thanks for a meal.
4. a delay allowed as a favour. You should have paid me today but I'll give you a day's grace.
5. the title of a duke, duchess or archbishop. Your/His Grace.
6. mercy. by the grace of God.
ˈgraceful adjective
having or showing beauty of form or movement. a graceful dancer.
ˈgracefully adverb
ˈgracefulness noun
ˈgracious (-ʃəs) adjective
1. kind or polite. a gracious smile.
2. (of God) merciful.
an exclamation of surprise.
ˈgraciously adverb
She smiled graciously.
ˈgraciousness noun
with (a) good/bad grace
(un)willingly. She accepted his apology with good grace.
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It breaks the tradition of ballet's gracefulness with comical movements by the dancers.
Her ability to find joy in life, her gracefulness and poise spring from the lessons she learned from her mother.
Wearing Aquadist green ensemble, she stunned the audience with her confidence and gracefulness.
Many of the dances depicted the bravery of the men, with their bows and arrows, spears and shields, and the gracefulness of the women, with their swaying hips and exquisite movement of the hands.
My first reading of this poem left me stunned; subsequent readings reaffirmed for me its power and its gracefulness.
I wanted her to move in space and show her gracefulness.
We heard the condensed orchestral suite, written a few years later, full of contrasts and rhythms, with the highlight on the night being the orchestra's progression from the gracefulness of the Princesses' slow dance to the manic Infernal Dance section, with a crash of musical thunder.
A small act of gracefulness, of generosity or of compassion can brand you as someone people want to have in their team.
So, it's to actress Julie Legrand's credit that she steers her Mrs M away from being a mere caricature, and gives her a gracefulness and almost vulnerability which makes you warm to her refined linguistic confusions and her own search for love.
Kaabi-Linke evokes these nameless salesmen, and so many other unnoticed parts of city life, with a precision and gracefulness that come from sustained acts of attention.
I understood them--I cared for them--because I could see the smallest movements of their hands, the subtle confusion on their faces, even a slight deformity in Amalia's left foot at which Gad cannot help but stare: "It had an airy kind of gracefulness, perhaps because of the short big toe.
The result is a slight change that gives the logo an extra touch of femininity and gracefulness, without defacing one of the most iconic names in the fashion industry.