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Noun1.grad student - a student who continues studies after graduationgrad student - a student who continues studies after graduation
college boy, college man, collegian - a student (or former student) at a college or university
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A grad student who waits tables at the Hillstone restaurant in the Citicorp Building, Johnston said even her regular customers are doing double takes.
UCLA sucks,'' said Junge, 31, of Glendale, a USC graduate and grad student whose wager with a crosstown rival could bring him ultimate shame.
John Bohannon, the "Gonzo Scientist" columnist at the esteemed research journal Science, had organised the contest throwing down a challenge to researchers in all fields in three categories -- grad student, post-doctoral and professorial.
My closest friend was another young grad student, a Franciscan friar.
Poker pro Habib walked away with $1,372,223; Matt Matros, a grad student at Sarah Lawrence College took home $706,903; Grijalva claimed $457,408; Rosenblum won $332,660 and earned Brecher $232,862.
The four are Quinn (Jerry O'Connell), a grad student who created the wormhole device; his physics professor, Arturo (``Lord of the Rings' '' John Rhys-Davies); his friend, Wade (Sabrina Lloyd); and a bystander (Cleavant Derricks).
He talks like a grad student, but John Linnell of They Might Be Giants has a pretty good handle on what kids like.
In her trademark machine-gun delivery, punctuated by a laugh that makes Beavis sound like a grad student, she said that, if she were elected governor, she would tax breast implants.
Current grad student Jeannie Cuan was named first recipient of the $10,000 honor at ceremonies held at Lubin House, S.
This digitally shot and largely improvised feature debut from the Columbia University grad student, who also wrote the screenplay, shows that life is less about the destination and more about the journey.
It became a campus legend, until grad student Amit Mehra published his doctoral dissertation, using a jet-engine combustion chamber the size of a nickel to convert chemical energy into electricity.
It's basically the ``Flee Adult Responsibility, Find Freedom but Also Trauma Along the Highway'' script that every film school grad student writes, but most of which thankfully never make it to production.