grain merchant

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Noun1.grain merchant - a merchant who deals in food grainsgrain merchant - a merchant who deals in food grains
merchandiser, merchant - a businessperson engaged in retail trade
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He was a grain merchant and cattle-buyer, and was generally considered the most enterprising business man in our county.
When a grain merchant goes missing, the anthropomorphized members of the Mouse Guard--Lieam, Saxon, and Kenzie--are asked to conduct a search for him.
One lived in Warwickshire as a money lender and grain merchant and the other was the poet who, he believes, was from east London.
Natureworks is owned by Cargill, the world's largest private company and also the world's largest grain merchant.
Gooderham, a famous miller from Toronto, Edward Leadley, a wealthy grain merchant, Rev.
The BRC and the FDF yesterday set out what is needed from each link of the food chain from seed merchant, grower, grain merchant, commodity agent, commodity processor to ingredient user.
A young country girl, she had come to Paris to help out in the household of Wollstonecraft's hosts, the French grain merchant Fillietaz and his young English wife.
In 1998, Monsanto announced a joint venture with the world's largest grain merchant, Cargill, to create and market new grain processing and animal feed products "enhanced though biotechnology".
Ask Kerry Hawkins, the affable president of the grain merchant Cargill Limited, why the company is so successful and he'll offer a long list of reasons.
and began his career as a grain merchant at Louis Dreyfus Corp.
Prices have increased by more than pounds 40 since the start of the month and the high price is forecast to remain in place because of short global supplies, according to farmer-owned grain merchant Openfield.
Grain merchant implements DTN's online merchandising and origination platform to better communicate with customers and increase business efficiencies