grand mufti

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Grand Mufti

1. (Islam) the titular head of the Muslim community in Jerusalem and formerly the chief constitutional administrator there
2. (Islam) (in Turkey) the former official head of the state religion
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Noun1.grand mufti - the chief mufti of a district
mufti - a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law
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Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawky Allam - Courtesy of Dar al-Ifta official website CAIRO - 14 March 2018: Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawqy Allam vehemently condemned an attempt on the life of Palestinian Prime Minister Ramy al Hamdallah.
The resolution was passed during an important meeting of the JKMPLB executive council, chaired by Grand Mufti, Mufti Bashir-ud-Din Ahmad, at its head office in Srinagar, reported.
NNA - Al-Quds is not merely a piece of land, but it's a cause that Arabs should accord utmost priority in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, said in a speech at the spiritual summit which is currently taking place in Bkerki.
by ONA The ceremony was attended by His Eminence Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili, Grand Mufti of the Sultanate.
Giza Criminal Court, headed by Judge Nagi Shehata, ordered on Saturday the referral of one defendant involved in the "Kerdasa clashes" case to the grand mufti for approval, after proving his conviction in the storming of the district's police station and the killing of police officers.
Pursuant to Article (2/381) of Criminal Procedural Law, it is obligatory for the criminal court to refer death penalty cases to the Grand Mufti before passing the death verdict.
CAIRO, July 11 (KUNA) -- Minya Criminal Court has referred 12 defendants to Egypt's Grand Mufti for having set ablaze a police station in Egypt's southern Minya Governorate in August 2013.
During the meeting, the Grand Mufti congratulated the Minister on the royal confidence granted to him, wishing him all success in performing his missions.
Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian and a large delegation of Muslim scholars, clerics, and directors at Dar al Fatwa, the seat of Lebanon's Sunni Grand Mufti, were in attendance.
JEDDAH: Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has praised the security forces for thwarting the recent attack on a mosque in Qatif and busting of a network of drug traffickers.
The King and worshippers listened to the Friday sermon, which was delivered by Grand Mufti of Jordan Sheikh Abdul Karim Khasawneh, in which he spoke about fearing God and its impact on the life of Muslims and their relationship with their Lord.
24 (BNA): His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa today received at Al-Safriya Palace the Grand Mufti of Russia, Russian Muftis Shura Council Chairman and President of the Religious Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation Shaikh Rawi Ainuddin.

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