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n. pl. mul·tip·a·ras also mul·tip·a·rae (-rē)
A woman who has given birth two or more times.


n, pl -rae (-ˌriː)
(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) a woman who has given birth to more than one viable fetus or living child. Compare multigravida
[C19: New Latin, feminine of multiparus multiparous]


(mʌlˈtɪp ər ə)

n., pl. -a•ras, -a•rae (-əˌri)
a woman who has borne two or more children or is parturient for the second time.
[1870–75; n. use of feminine of New Latin multiparus multiparous]
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Due to advancement of family planning the grand multipara has almost disappeared in western countries but it still exists in developing countries1.
Multiparity in our society is not by choice; this results in a high birth rate and so many young women become grand multipara.
50%) were grand multipara, comparable to study conducted by Duhan reported that multiparity was predisposing factor in 97.
All grand multipara (delivered 5 or more times), pregnant women with anemia due to bleeding disorders or chronic illnesses or any cause other than pregnancy were excluded from the study.
Regarding parity 25 (50%) patients were multipara, 9 (18%) grand multipara, 6 (12%) primipara, 5 (10%) great grand multipara and 5 (10%) nullipara.
Some investigators report a greater percentage of LBW infants among grand multiparas compared to infants of lower parity mothers, whereas others do not.
Patients and Methods: One hundred (100) patients of grand multipara (GMP), (parity = 5) and 100 patients of multipara (MP) (parity 2-4) were included in the study.
Patients and methods: Sixty five grand multipara (Para Greater than 5) and 65 multipara (Para 2-4) aged between 20 to 40 years, with singleton pregnancy of up to 40 weeks and presenting in spontaneous labour were selected.
5% babies were born to the primi and 22% to grand multipara (table 3).
INTRODUCTION: The term grand multipara was introduced in 1934 by solomons who called the grand multipara the "Dangerous multipara.

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