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 (grănd′ănt′, -änt′)


another name for great-aunt


(ˈgrændˌænt, -ˌɑnt)

an aunt of one's father or mother; great-aunt.
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Noun1.grandaunt - an aunt of your father or mother
aunt, auntie, aunty - the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
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I've seen a Southerner on being introduced to the King of England hand that monarch, without batting his eyes, the information that his grandaunt on his mother's side was related by marriage to the Perkinses, of Charleston.
My grandaunt would be there to review the lessons with me from the night before.
A grandaunt insists her grandchildren take exemplary care of her.
The touching narrative, Two Cats, Fat and Thin, telling how the loss of two wee, rubber cats, Fat and Thin; toys given to the author by an adored aunt, his grandaunt, overwhelmed not only his childhood, but served, as well, to foster an often distrustful disposition enduring well past childhood and on into his maturity.
My daughter Nicole got to hang out with her Auntie LuAnne here in the city, met her 20-something-year-old nephews Wil and Rian in LA, stayed at her Tita Bedang's house, and got to meet uncle Alan and his fiancee Shannon, grandaunt Rose and cousins Cameryn and Damon in Winnipeg.
Nested deeper is the chronicle of the artist's grandaunt being sold as a child under Nazi oppression during World War II.
Nutrient indexing of cotton and micronutrient requirement of cotton and grandaunt.
La Purisima is one of the few ranches to have retained the full complement of six square leagues of land allotted by the colonising legislation of 1824 and now owned by Don Hector Rocha y Villareal whose daughter, Alejandra, is at the centre of a romantic tryst with John Grady while under the tutelage of her grandaunt and godmother, Duena Alfonsa.
I watch enviously as owners display antique chairs or dressers bequeathed to them by a grandmother or grandaunt.
In her memoir, Brennan noted an interesting household practice as described by her grandaunt.
My grandaunt had been senile, demented, soft-in-the-head.
Nisha Chandramohan had disappeared on June 4 after being taken for a walk in Mentakab, Pahang, by her mentally-ill grandaunt.