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 (grăn′dē-ōs′, grăn′dē-ōs′)
1. Characterized by greatness of scope or intent; grand: a grandiose plan to develop the city's waterfront.
2. Characterized by excessive self-importance or affected grandeur; pompous: "It's important ... for judges not to be rattled by political attacks into grandiose assertions of judicial supremacy" (Jeffrey Rosen).

[French, from Italian grandioso, from grande, great, from Latin grandis.]

gran′di·ose′ly adv.
gran′di·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.grandiosely - in a grandiose manner; "the building was bombastically spacious"


adv remarkgrandios (also pej); nameschwülstig
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President Duterte, who in his first State of the Nation Address had grandiosely announced that he was not vindictive, apparently had an axe to grind against De Lima.
A book, too, was rushed into print just two years into the BJP's government's tenure, grandiosely titled The Modi Doctrine: New Paradigms in India's Foreign Policy.
Al-Khazali even grandiosely proclaimed his vision for a new sectarian "Islamic state" on Lebanese soil and under Iranian tutelage: "The whole country together with Hezbollah is ready to fight, as a prelude to the Islamic state, which is ruled by the awaited Mahdi.
Bush grandiosely declared in a speech before the US Congress on September 20, 2001, is far from over and new horrors and much blood shed probably lie ahead.
The Welsh Government's transport strategy - grandiosely and misleadingly titled North Wales Metro - in reality amounts to synchronising existing trains and bus routes.
On the analytical plane, the article engages critically with Joel Robbins' somewhat grandiosely epochal account of religious change reminiscent of Appadurai's overemphasis of discontinuity, which we took issue with above and attempt to counterbalance through more nuanced analyses and propositions throughout this issue.
Ranawaka's charging 'Lion Brigade' also grandiosely dropped among other famous names sprinkled all over his pamphlet that of Prussian General Clausewitz, author of the classic 'On War'.
I'd have some concerns about what was in it: A Brexit monomania that confirms the Conservatives have become a single-issue party, setting out a programme dominated by multiple Brexit bills along with the grandiosely titled great repeal bill .
He was swept to power grandiosely promising a democratic revolution and, with the Labour Party propping up Fine Gael, the public actually believed there would be change for the better.
Formal living and dining rooms flank a voluminous central foyer that opens to a grandiosely cavernous double-height great room with wet bar and fireplace.
He's a longtime supporter of the Texas Tech basketball program who has been known to offer grandiosely crude gestures and "epithets" to opposing players from his carefully chosen, annual, under-the-basket seats.