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another name for great-uncle


(ˈgrændˌʌŋ kəl)

an uncle of one's father or mother; great-uncle.
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Noun1.granduncle - an uncle of your father or mother
uncle - the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt
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And so he made Mohegan the granduncle or grandfather of Oliver Edwards.
Indeed my granduncle Pat Flanagan was one of the few to survive the sinking of the HMS Cressy, hit by a German U boat along with two other cruisers off the Dutch coast a month into WW1.
On the stage for our Centennial Day announcements on March 19, I felt a shiver down my spine as the Lieutenant Governor, the honourable David Onley, read birthday greetings from HRH Queen Elizabeth II--it was 100 years to the day since her great granduncle, the Duke of Connaught, opened the ROM.
The fact that the actor and his wife Kiran Rao have named their son Azad Rao Khan after his great- granduncle proves this," says Chandra.
Dennis Yee shares the story of his granduncle Dick Yee and his supermarket chain in San Jose, California.
Prior to them, my great granduncle served the villagers for 15 years.
5) Richard Dawson was the author's maternal great, great granduncle.
In fact there was reference to Vice President 's personal connection with Turkey to his great granduncle who was sent here on a medical mission when Turkey was fighting for its independence.
As has been noted, Lucretia was born in Valencia, in 1480, and, with her brothers, Cesar and Jofre, was brought to Rome in 1488, by her granduncle Cardinal Rodrigo.
In Orchard, players must dig in to salvage their granduncle Fred's orchard from its horrible state of disrepair.
The author's childhood, lived in the shadow of his celebrated grandfather and spent shuttling between his schizophrenic mother, his bipolar and cross-dressing father, and his generous, eccentric granduncle, Leicester, is rich enough material for any memoir.