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or gran·nie  (grăn′ē)
n. pl. gran·nies
1. Informal A grandmother.
2. Informal A fussy person.
3. Southern US See granny woman.

[Short for grandmother or grandam.]
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Noun1.grannie - the mother of your father or mothergrannie - the mother of your father or mother
grandparent - a parent of your father or mother
nan - your grandmother
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Accentuating the mysterious and the unexplained, Lee moves from here to examining her interview with a grannie midwife who lived in a small Florida town.
The Grannies on Safari([R]) give a thumbs up to the carry-on's, light enough even for a Grannie
Raging Granny Alma Norman of Ottawa finds it "wonderful to be working with older women who jolt the stereotype of the sittin' and knittin' ole grannie.
GRAB your grannies your mums, your dads, and your kids, because the award-winning West End production of Gangsta Granny is getting ready to go out on a brand new tour.
Looks our grannies and great-grannies sported when they were girls have been absorbed into our make-up repertoire - but what's often forgotten is that some products previous generations used are still available.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Vehement amateur race between Russian grannies continue to break records in social media.
However the grannies are patient, reassuring--and clever.
com/news/2012/4chan-trolls-take-over-mountain-dews-dub-the-dew-contest/) doesn't believe the prank was 9gag, pointing to multiple threads on 4Chan's site that discussed the status of the prank, mentioning things like "Operation Gushing Grannies, Commence," and "Did we really vote for "'Fauplous Apple'"?
POP twins Jedward have fallen in love at Eurovision - with the Russian grannies.
But if yours isn't a knitter, don't fret - because there's a group of grannies ready and waiting to whip you up a cosy treat.
The high street actually taking notice of our lovely little grannies and stocking clothing inspired by them.