granular cast

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gran·u·lar cast

n. cilindro granuloso, cilindro urinario visto en nefropatías degenerativas o de tipo inflamatorio.
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Of the remaining 3%, positive sediment findings of hyaline casts, a rare granular cast, bacteria, or a few PMNs (polymorphonuclear leukocytes) were found with negative reagent-strip results.
Granular casts were the most common type reported in the present study (Table 4).
Nephrology literature suggests that a urine sediment "score" (Figure 1) consisting of the number of renal tubular epithelial cells per high power field and granular casts per low power field can be used to differentiate hospital-acquired AKI from acute tubular necrosis (ATN) and acute renal failure caused by a sudden reduction in blood flow to the kidney (pre-renal AKI).