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v. gran·u·lat·ed, gran·u·lat·ing, gran·u·lates
1. To form into grains or granules.
2. To make rough and grainy.
To become granular or grainy.

gran′u·la′tive adj.
gran′u·la′tor n.
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Adj.1.granulated - made grainy or formed into granules; "granulated sugar"
coarse, harsh - of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles; "coarse meal"; "coarse sand"; "a coarse weave"
kornaîur, kornóttur


A. ADJ [paper] → granulado; [surface] → rugoso
B. CPD granulated sugar Nazúcar m or f granulado or granulada


[ˈgrænjʊleɪtɪd] adj granulated sugarzucchero semolato


(ˈgrӕnjuːl) noun
a very small particle. a granule of sugar.
ˈgranular adjective
ˈgranulated (-lei-) adjective
broken into tiny particles. granulated sugar.
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The mountains were bigger and grander than ever, as they stood there thinking their solemn thoughts with their heads in the drifting clouds, but the villages at their feet--when the painstaking eye could trace them up and find them--were so reduced, almost invisible, and lay so flat against the ground, that the exactest simile I can devise is to compare them to ant-deposits of granulated dirt overshadowed by the huge bulk of a cathedral.
In the three months of the summer it only freezes every other day and every night, and then the snow begins to weep off on the southerly slopes, and a few ground-willows put out their woolly buds, a tiny stonecrop or so makes believe to blossom, beaches of fine gravel and rounded stones run down to the open sea, and polished boulders and streaked rocks lift up above the granulated snow.
Key statement: Provided are a process for efficiently producing a rubber wet masterbatch in which a dispersibility of carbon black in the rubber is improved, in which a reinforcing property and an abrasion resistance of the rubber can be enhanced by using carbon black having a high surface activity, in which a yield of the carbon black in the wet masterbatch obtained is not reduced and in which a handling property of the carbon black is good as compared with masterbatches prepared by using a granulated and dried substance of carbon black prepared by a conventional wet method and non-granulated carbon black, a carbon black-containing rubber wet masterbatch obtained by the above process and a rubber composition and a tire prepared by using the masterbatch.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 15, 2016-Johns Manville announces expansion and availability of reflective granulated cap sheets
As a result, it stays on foods better and is more soluble than regular, granulated salt.
Available in both Sweet Minis and Granulated format, Splenda is great for use in hot drinks but also for baking the desserts you love without all of the calories of sugar.
Trace Minerals Research (TMR) has added ConcenTrace AC Granulated to its line of bulk ingredient offerings for food, supplement and beverage manufacturers.
He pointed out that to launch large-scale production of granulated poultry manure requiring 15 mln USD investments, the state
The two projects are being executed in parallel with Shah-Habshan-Ruwais Etihad Rail which is being implemented by Etihad Rail Company to transport granulated sulphur from Shah and Habshan stations to Ruwais sulphur export terminal to replace the current transportation of liquid sulphur via trucks to Ruwais.
He added: "Both our granulated plastic and plastic compounding processes are subject to rigorous and continuous quality-control to ensure that we supply our customers with a quality product, which not only meets their specific requirements but is cost effective and environmentally friendly.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd, or GASCO, has confirmed the award of about Dh4 billion deals for the Habshan Sulphur Station and Pipelines and Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal-2 contracts for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPC) works for the SHR Granulated Sulphur Transportation and Management Project on Lump Sum Turn key Basis.
Dried granulated of requested moisture falls from drying tower onto the conveyor, from where is after going through vibration screen stored in the bin.