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A metamorphic rock consisting of similarly sized, interlocking minerals, especially feldspar, quartz, and garnet, and lacking the layering and foliation characteristic of other metamorphic rocks.

gran′u·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) a granular foliated metamorphic rock in which the minerals form a mosaic of equal-sized granules
granulitic adj


(ˈgræn yəˌlaɪt)

a metamorphic rock composed of granular minerals of uniform size, as quartz, feldspar, or pyroxene, and showing a definite banding.
gran`u•lit′ic (-ˈlɪt ɪk) adj.
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Our results showed that SOC was positively related with precipitation and clay content, possibly due to inputs of organic matter from the MDF and SEF, which were dominated by outcrops of homblende-biotite granulite bedrocks (Table 1; Fig.
A carved teak jharoka architectural ensemble from Gujarat, 1596 is fitted on the ceiling; a granulite 9- ft high sculpture of Enthroned Vishnu lords over from the early 9th century; and a copper alloy Chola sculpture from Tamil Nadu, late 11th century of Shiva embracing his consort, Uma while taking pride in their graceful beauty.
combined with high pressures, as with upper granulite facies conditions).
It overlies the Palaeoproterozoic crystalline basement of the East European Craton, specifically the West Lithuanian Granulite Domain, flanked by terranes of the Svecofennian Orogen southeast of the Baltic Sea (Gorbatschev & Bogdanova 1993).
The mylonitic and banded harzburgite and dunite at the base of the ophiolite record plastic deformation developed possibly within the granulite facies (Boudier and Coleman 1981; Nicolas 1989).
2]) Bedrock Granulite Manner and Tervo, 1988 Phytogeographic region Forest Kalliola, 1973 Lapland Largest permissible number of 5500 RHA, 2013 reindeer Number of reindeer (2011-12) 4342 RHA, 2013 Reindeer/[km.
the study of rocks of high-temperature amphibolite and granulite facies generated in the deep conditions and exposed at the present-day erosional surface as a result of ascending tectonic movements;
Geology Type granite-gneiss and retrograde granulite gneiss with minor amounts of granite and granodiorite.
The topics include microstructures of melt-bearing regional metamorphic rocks, high-pressure and ultra-high-temperature metamorphism of Precambrian high-grade terranes in the Limpopo Complex, the Neo-archean to Paleo-proterozoic evolution of the polymetamorphic central zone of the complex, and a gravitational redistribution model for the formation and evolution of Precambrian granulite terranes.
According to APEC a detailed exploration programme is being initiated on the property, located to the southeast of Canaco Resources Inc's major gold discovery, which was recognised last summer as a new geological setting (high grade granulite facies metamorphic terrain) that can produce sizable mineralised deposits.
Models G3-G5 (figure 4d-f) have the same upper crust RHP as the RM, whereas the lower crust RHP varies between end-member values representative for lower crust granulite facies.