grapnel anchor

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Noun1.grapnel anchor - a light anchor for small boatsgrapnel anchor - a light anchor for small boats  
anchor, ground tackle - a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving
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At the minimum, take the following safety supplies: Spare prop, nut, thrust washer, cotter pin and prop wrench; water and food for an additional two days beyond what you'll use on the trip; VHF radio, flares, flashlight, EPIRB, sound-making device, signal mirror and up-to-date emergency kit; extra bug spray and rain gear; cooking pan and either a portable stove or something to make a fire as a backup to eat fish and/or keep warm; spare grapnel anchor and 100 feet of line.
Some use a soft grapnel anchor whose tines bend if embedded in structure.
All you need is a broomstick handle, tied to several feet of decoy cord (depending on the setup), tipped with 5 inches of surgical tubing and finished with a small D-ring that clips to a kayak grapnel anchor.