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An Italian brandy distilled from the pomace of grapes used in winemaking.

[Italian, from Italian dialectal, grape stalk, brandy, of Germanic origin.]


(Brewing) a spirit distilled from the fermented remains of grapes after pressing
[Italian: grape stalk, of Germanic origin; see grape]


(ˈgrɑ pə)

an unaged brandy distilled from the pomace of a wine press.
[1890–95; < Italian: grape stalk < Germanic; see grape]


An Italian spirit made from the remains of grapes after they have been used for wine making.
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Noun1.grappa - Italian brandy made from residue of grapes after pressing
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
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Consumers are also discovering category outliers such as South American pisco, Italian grappa, American applejack and Spanish brandy.
Updated recommendations from GRAPPA include new data regarding ustekinumab, apremilast, and secukinumab, as well as data on comorbidities (J Rheumatol.
Located on Route 46, Grappa 46 aspires to be the premier sports bar and home-style Italian restaurant in northern New Jersey.
Grippy Grappa also got the band a nomination for Best Newcomer in the Songlines Music Awards 2014, and a chance to participate at WOMAD, Charlton Park, 2014.
Expert Stefano Morona will let you try before you buy at his Primizie shop in Cortina's Via Stazione just off the Corso, which stocks everything from an PS8 fruit flavoured version to PS135 bottles of 20-year-old grappa aged in oak barrels.
George White's home-bred six-yearold gelding Bella Grappa made the perfect start to his career by landing the first division of the two-and-a-half mile Open Maiden Race.
The best way to have a grappa is to pour it into your espresso--the Italians call it caffe corretto (corrected coffee).
GRAPPA It is distilled from pomace, discarded skin, seeds and stems of wine production.
He was born in Atlanta and during his career he served as president of the Georgia Fieldmen's Association, Skipper of the Georgia Mariner's Club and Emperor of the National Grappa Society.
drinking kamikaze shots of Cuervo Gold or grappa at the bar I hate their
Then there was the brilliant partnership of the architect Giovanni Greppi (1884-1966) and the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni (1884-1971), which enhanced the natural landscape with extraordinary mountain necropoli on top of Monte Grappa and at Redipuglia--Italy's national shrine, which contains the remains of 100,000 of her soldiers--that are unprecedented in concept: why are they not better known?