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An Italian brandy distilled from the pomace of grapes used in winemaking.

[Italian, from Italian dialectal, grape stalk, brandy, of Germanic origin.]


(Brewing) a spirit distilled from the fermented remains of grapes after pressing
[Italian: grape stalk, of Germanic origin; see grape]


(ˈgrɑ pə)

an unaged brandy distilled from the pomace of a wine press.
[1890–95; < Italian: grape stalk < Germanic; see grape]


An Italian spirit made from the remains of grapes after they have been used for wine making.
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Noun1.grappa - Italian brandy made from residue of grapes after pressing
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
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Bar 888 in Luce Restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco, for instance, sells grappas individually, in various flights and in cocktails.
Now about 20 employees strong, Peach Street is the reigning Distillery of the Year according to the American Distilling Institute for its whiskeys, grappas, gin and other spirits.
Some grappas fetch silly prices and are treated with extreme respect by aficionados.
wandering wind; royal cognacs, peasant grappas, and all the gins, snow
The company's Leonardo LoCascio Selections represent wines, grappas and liquors from most of Italy's 20 regions.
The company, which was established in 1779, claims the maturation period adds softness and imparts more complex flavours than other grappas, which have been described as 'firewater' by some UK consumers.
The bar menu also includes a dozen or more single malt scotches, rums, beers, grappas, cognacs, and specialty coffees.
And yet Hemingway's heroes spend much time lingering in cafes, like these Rotonde regulars, over grappas and beers and pernods and absinthes, observing, thinking, searching, remembering, talking--not writing, but living and evaluating experience according to a sometimes implicit, but always discernable, aesthetic theory.
eau-de-vies, and grappas of the world, schnaps is a category of clear, distilled spirits.
Full bar contains selection of grappas, cognacs, armagnacs and eaux de vie.