grass frog

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Noun1.grass frog - a common semiterrestrial European froggrass frog - a common semiterrestrial European frog
genus Rana, Rana - type genus of the Ranidae
ranid, true frog - insectivorous usually semiaquatic web-footed amphibian with smooth moist skin and long hind legs
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These conditions will protect matters of national environmental significance such as the vulnerable growling grass frog and the endangered southern brown bandicoot.
Their goal was to search for the long-lost La Selle Grass frog (E,.
Dr Parris says several species, including the threatened growling grass frog, are struggling in and around drought-affected Melbourne.
A fauna and flora assessment has been undertaken at the depot site to identify important animal and plant species to be protected, including the growling grass frog, Mr Mulder said.
The eastern long-eared bat, common dunnart, carpet python and growing grass frog are all found here.