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Adj.1.grass-eating - feeding on grasses
herbivorous - feeding only on plants
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Adult flukes naturally live in and dine on the livers of grass-eating mammals like cows.
With "In Praise of Those Grass-Eating Cows," Amy Greer tells about the techniques she uses to teach note reading to young, beginning piano students.
A Hare Krishna I met did this convincing speech about why I shouldn't be eating the flesh of grass-eating animals.
In this case, clay is the binder, sand is the aggregate, and straw or manure from grass-eating animals serves as the fiber (the manure completely loses its odor when dry).
WHITE Amur, an Asian plant-eating freshwater fish, arrived in the UK from China years ago and the pale stranger was dubbed a grass-eating carp.
The finding not only provides the first evidence of grass-eating dinosaurs but also shows that grasses evolved diverse forms much earlier than scientists had previously recognized.
So what Canadians are doing is what the ancient Israelites did at Mount Sinai: "They exchanged the God who was their glory for the image of a grass-eating ox," (St.
The fat on the beef from Butti's grass-eating cattle, in contrast, melts into the meat.
It can be found in grass-eating wild and domestic animals, such as cows and sheep, most often in agricultural regions of Asia, Africa, South America and parts of southern and eastern Europe.
GRASS-EATING Klaas-Jan Huntelaar was left feeling a little out of the ordinary after his clash of heads with Chris Smalling at Wembley last week.
If you are concerned about your dog's grass-eating habits, then you should arrange a visit with your vet to identify and deal with any potential problems.
Russian scientist Sergey Zimov is reintroducing these animals to the land where they once roamed in millions to demonstrate his theory that filling the vast emptiness of Siberia with grass-eating animals can slow global warming.