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Yes, always first both on the grassland and here," answered Rostov, stroking his heated Donets horse.
We sat on a little strip of emerald grassland and before us was a sloping meadow all white with daisies.
In the old days, he said, they had crossed the grasslands and attacked the salt-water natives; but since the coming of the white men to the coast they had remained in their interior fastnesses, and no salt-water native had ever seen them again.
Next came the grasslands deal on Guadalcanar--twenty thousand acres, on a governmental nine hundred and ninety-nine years' lease at a nominal sum.
When Levin took over the management of the estate, he thought on examining the grasslands that they were worth more, and he fixed the price at twenty-five roubles the three acres.
I SAY, I say, I say, did you hear the one about the comic and the grassland.
Steve Lowe said: "The unique grassland communities of the Whin Sill and the river shingles of the Tyne are two of Northumberland's most sensitive and scarce habitats, something we have a special responsibility for but which few people know much about.
Surrounding Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota are about one million acres of grassland managed by the U.
Objective: "Knowledge of the evolution of the grassland biome throughout the Earth~s environmental history is important for the reconstruction of links between diversification/extinctions events and climate.
GRASSLAND Societies across North Wales are being invited to submit archive material towards a book marking next year's 50th anniversary of the Federation Welsh Grassland Societies.
The presence of suitable nest sites and foraging habitats in the surrounding landscape are among the main factors that determine habitat use by grassland birds (Soderstrom and Part 2000).
THE Trustees of the British Grassland Society (BGS) have announced the appointment of Elaine Jewkes as director of the society.