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Adj.1.grassless - lacking grass
grassy - abounding in grass
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Beyond her, it smote upon and incarnadined the shining, white, grassless faces of the sand dunes.
I don't know what I expected, but I went out and wandered eastward, soon losing my way in a labyrinth of grimy streets and black grassless squares.
The ghastly, treeless, grassless, breathless canons smothered us as if we had been in an oven.
But his narrative took an aching trajectory when he lamented that the grazing lands were no longer there, only long stretches of grassless plains, imposed by a rapidly growing desertification.
The Kookaburra ball does not do much, and when it does, it does not do it for long because of the bare, grassless Aussie pitches.
Daddy probably regretted having put the set up; our front yard, never very attractive, began to bear battle scars: two grassless patches appeared like wounds on either side of the net; the front or our house always seemed full of kids; Popsicle and candy bar wrappers littered porch steps where waiting players sat; and bicycles lay strewn like giant grasshoppers.
Misbah started positively by winning the third toss in succession and instantly deciding to bat on a grassless and well rolled pitch.
In addition to recovering and remembering what Norman Levine refers to as the "treeless, grassless, dusty playground" (qtd.
If the mere scene had been shewn without them, I should have prefer'd the view of the evening sky on the water, to the Fairies lamps, their grassless groves, and their publick tables.
They are usually placed well above the high-water mark on open, grassless sand beaches or dredged spoil areas.
Trent's playground, home of Maple cricket team, was a grassless strip surrounded by rough tufted grass kept short by resident goats.
From my vantage point on a dusty, grassless hilltop, the fenced-off compounds--hashas--each with a dirty-white ger or two, many with a small house, spread out in all directions like a multicoloured carpet.