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Adj.1.grasslike - resembling grass
grassy - abounding in grass
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I lay upon a close-cropped sward of red grasslike vegetation, and about me stretched a grove of strange and beautiful trees, covered with huge and gorgeous blossoms and filled with brilliant, voiceless birds.
Sedge is a grasslike plant that's getting a lot of attention,'' says Pam Penick, author of "Lawn Gone
The foliage is also like crocosmia but very short, about 4ins, and slim, almost grasslike.
Grasses, grasslike sedges and many other plants in hot, arid environments have evolved a trick that helps prevent water loss.
Campos limpos,' which are dominated by grasslike plants (Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Xyridaceae), were not used by the warbling finches.
Rather than create a paved parking lot, which neighbors fear would take away the home's historic charm, Punches plans to cover parking spaces with a grasslike product that he hopes will be in line with historic preservation requirements.
Occurrence of charming caric sedge (Carex blanda) as the common grasslike plant (Table 1) suggested similarity of this bottomland forest to a pecan-cedar elm-sugarberry forest along a meander of the Brazos River (A.
A round 66 million years ago, a grasslike ancestor began to evolve into the plants eventually used to breed food crops like rice, corn, sorghum, and sugar cane.
Cut off and discard dried grasslike top half of lemongrass.
Broad-leaved herbaceous species, grasslike plants, and grasses are included, both native and introduced.
A list of the grasses and grasslike plants of the Oak Openings, Lucas County, Ohio.