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Adv.1.gratingly - in a harsh and grating manner; "her voice fell gratingly on our ears"
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I heard him clear gratingly his parched throat, and became all attention.
Rightfrom the word go, former Tory MP Brandreth seemed to be out to ensure the audience at home had the worst half-hour of their lives, immediately becoming so gratingly overbearing and heart-stoppingly unfunny that you could almost see the crimson waves of hatred spewing forth from the other contestants.
Without being gratingly loud or freakishly chirpy like some Bollywood heroines, she manages to communicate her good heartedness and her willingness to accommodate others.
Last night's marathon match seems almost like a bad dream today - until you check the list of names left in the draw and realise that Everton, after all their endeavours, are gratingly absent.
There's Coach's younger brother Anton, a slack timekeeper with a liking for sharp cars, trainers and drugs, Coach's gratingly loud and immature girlfriend Delisha, and Coach and Anton's fizzy and streetwise 15-year-old sister Keisha - who plays back an alternative take on the boys' lives with her anonymous on-air calls to the station.
Dreading a non-fiction version of chick lit, I guessed it would be packed with gratingly motivational, pseudo-feminist, self-help guff.
The gratingly chirpy commercial was soon voted one of the most annoying on the telly and the challenge to viewers became resisting the overwhelming urge to hurl the box out the window whenever it came on.
Chomsky's talks tend to be discursive and his voice, while not as gratingly whiny as Joe Lieberman's, has something of the same, anything-but- authoritative quality.
And this might be the series that actually creates the first preverbal catch-phrase - Courage's panicky, apoplectic shrieks are hilariously silly and, after a while, gratingly repetitive, inviting copious imitation.
Looking petrified instead of gratingly happy was also a welcome relief to her fans.
Meanwhile, Ben Caplan captures brother Arnold's descent into life-sapping marriage hell to dreadful Debbie - Daisy Lewis, who brings light relief, but whose 'Aveline from Bread' Scouse accent is gratingly cartoonish.
The trouble is that, while there's nothing wrong with turning Nicholson and Sandler into an unlikely double act, the premise for this reasonably written but extraordinarily implausible comedy is gratingly unrealistic.