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Precipitation consisting of snow pellets.

[German Graupel, diminutive of Graupe, hulled grain, probably of Slavic origin; akin to Russian krupa, groats.]


(Physical Geography) soft hail or snow pellets
[German, from Graupe, probably from Serbo-Croat krupa; related to Russian krupá peeled grain]
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Graupel, according to the NWS's list of weather terms, is small pellets of ice created when super-cooled water droplets coat, or rime, a snowflake.
GRAUPEL This describes a combination of a snowflake and freezing fog, formed when the two collide.
Not snow, gale force winds nor a rare phenomenon called graupel could deter 94 of them from taking part in the Ladies' Winter Alliance at Longley Park this week.
Model Type Fully compressible, Euler non-hydrostatic Domain Mother Domain: 53E-96E; 5S:43N Integration Nested Domain: 63E-83E;7N-30N, 69E-78E;11N-23N Horizontal Mother Domain 45km Resolution Nested Domain 15km, 5km Time step Mother Domain: 270 Sec Nested Domain: 90 Sec, 30sec Microphysics WSM 6-class graupel LW Radiation RRTM Scheme SW Radiation Dudhia Scheme PBL YSU Scheme Surface scheme Monin-Obukhov similarity theory CU Physics Grell-Devenyi (GD) ensemble, Kain Fritsch (KF) schemes using 1 and 2 way nesting technique
It brought widespread graupel, which is kind of an ice pellet," Meier said.
Graupel floats in the thickness of some pines near the dump:
These assumptions, which are reasonable in warm cloud modeling, appear to be not so adequate for mixed phase clouds, where interactions between different categories (cloud water, rain water, crystal ice, graupel, hail) have to be considered.
The size distribution of small graupels (minigraupels), we studied, followed closely the log-normal distribution curve (Table 5) and does not correspond to much larger graupel sizes sampled in Germany.
and an icy mix called graupel fell in Phoenix, according to reports from that area.