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1. One who carves or engraves.
2. See burin.


(Tools) any of various engraving, chasing, or sculpting tools, such as a burin


(ˈgreɪ vər)

1. any of various tools for chasing, engraving, etc., as a burin.
2. engraver; sculptor.
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Noun1.graver - a tool used by an engravergraver - a tool used by an engraver    
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
scauper, scorper - a graver used to scoop out broad areas when engraving wood or metal
References in classic literature ?
He had been graver than usual of late, but very pleasant, and when jokingly accused of turning over a new leaf, he answered soberly, "So I am, and I mean this one shall stay turned.
In the meantime, the forest began to change its hues, losing that lively green which had embellished its arches, in the graver light which is the usual precursor of the close of day.
Sleep; sport; business; graver or lighter study; and the common and inevitable movement onward
The next moment he was as ready for sport as any unbreeched infant: far readier than the Collector's junior clerk, who at nineteen years was much the elder and graver man of the two.
He looked at me more directly, and the expression of his face, graver now, struck me as the most beautiful I had ever found in it.
Knightley immediately got up, and in a manner decidedly graver than usual, said,
She seated herself by me again: her countenance grew sadder and graver, and her clasped hands trembled.
Had the idle theatrical scheme, now that it was all over, graver results to answer for than a mischievous waste of time?
Murdstone was graver and steadier than the two gentlemen.
when didst thou ever see me the graver for the thoughts of battle?
What little cloud may have rose upon our domestic horizon has past away; and, governor" here Smilash's voice fell with graver emphasis--"them as interferes betwixt man and wife now will incur a nevvy responsibility.
A question of graver and universal interest is the possi- bility of another attack from the Martians.