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1. Of or relating to measurement by weight.
2. Of or relating to measurement of a gravitational field.

[From gravimetry, measurement of specific gravity, from gravimeter.]

grav′i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.


(ˌɡrævɪˈmɛtrɪk) or


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, or using measurement by weight. Compare volumetric
ˌgraviˈmetrically adv
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Adj.1.gravimetric - of or relating to hydrometry
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The soluble fraction was precipitated with methanol and both fractions were dried under vacuum at 50[degrees]C to constant weight and gravimetrically calculated as mentioned in Ref.
This is because the theoretical measurement principle guarantees accurate, specific, and matrix-independent measurement and because ID-MS can be calibrated directly with gravimetrically weighed-in primary calibrator material.
Efficiency of crosslinking was determined gravimetrically in terms of the insoluble portion (gel) after 24 h extraction of the specimens in boiling xylene.
The accuracy of the assay method can be established by adding gravimetrically determined amounts of testosterone to steroid-free serum and recovering the added amounts (5).
In both cases, a transfer vessel mounted on a scale was used in order to gravimetrically double-check the respective feed rates, through the course of the extrusion.
These calibrators are traceable to a reference standard that was prepared gravimetrically with synthetic BNP; the reference standard underwent a value assignment to align with the Biosite Triage BNP assay with a decision threshold of 100 ng/L.
The materials retained on the sieve are recovered and analyzed gravimetrically.
The grafting density (GD) was calculated gravimetrically according to the following Eq.
A quantity of fibres and sheaves after conditioning of untreated and enzyme treated fibres were fixed gravimetrically.
An integrated scale can be used to gravimetrically control concentration while the inline SciPres[R] singleuse pressure sensors monitor transmembrane pressure to prevent extreme pressure over the membrane.
The volume occupied by the DCM was evaluated gravimetrically after centrifugation at 10,000rpm for 10 min in a sealed test tube.
The healthy pool should be gravimetrically diluted (serial 2 to 5-fold dilutions) with analyte-free surrogate or alternate species matrix until analyte is no longer quantifiable.