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The massless, neutral gauge boson postulated to mediate the gravitational interaction; the quantum of gravitational energy.


(General Physics) a postulated quantum of gravitational energy, usually considered to be a particle with zero charge and rest mass and a spin of 2. Compare photon


(ˈgræv ɪˌtɒn)

the theoretical quantum of gravitation with a zero rest mass and charge and a spin of two.
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Noun1.graviton - a gauge boson that mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles
gauge boson - a particle that mediates the interaction of two elementary particles
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Some other complex theories, on the other hand, such as the massive gravity theory - it assumes the existence of an elementary particle of gravity, called graviton - may also hold up to the measurements of the neutron star merger.
Items such as Telesto, Jade Rabbit, and Graviton Forfeit make a return, with new exotics showing up to shake up playstyles.
Nonetheless the graviton of quantum field theory remains a hypothetical elementary particle.
Four fundamental forces (Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong and Gravity) acting through corresponding quantum particles known as gauge bosons (photon for electromagnetic, W and Z particles for weak force, gluon for strong force and yet to be discovered illusive graviton for the force of gravity) together are the cause of actions that shape and govern the universe.
Still other theories propose that the possible new particle is a graviton, which is believed to transmit the force of gravity.
Theorists say the December results, if confirmed, could help elucidate that enigma; or it could signal a graviton - a theorized first particle with gravity - or another boson, even hint of a new dimension.
Graviton Capital will study the possibility of investing in small new and renewable energy projects in Egypt, according to Ayman Abou Hend, direct investment manager at Cartel Capital, the regional partner of Graviton.
Hay quienes piensan en la posibilidad de empezar a articular una Gran Teoria Unificada, como han sonado Einstein, Hawking y otros, para lo cual seria esencial encontrar el graviton, la ultima particula elemental desconocida.
QUICKEST U-TURN In 1916 Einstein predicted the existence of waves and a corresponding particle, the graviton, that are responsible for gravity.
From there, Trujillo went on to serve as CEO of Orange SA, an international wireless communications company, CEO of California-based Graviton, and CEO of Australia's Telstra Corporation.
For oPHY testing, an optical-to-electrical converter such as the Graviton Model SPD-2 is necessary.
Alternatively, various string theories predict that the source of gravity is extra-dimensional graviton particles.