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The massless, neutral gauge boson postulated to mediate the gravitational interaction; the quantum of gravitational energy.


(General Physics) a postulated quantum of gravitational energy, usually considered to be a particle with zero charge and rest mass and a spin of 2. Compare photon


(ˈgræv ɪˌtɒn)

the theoretical quantum of gravitation with a zero rest mass and charge and a spin of two.
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Noun1.graviton - a gauge boson that mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles
gauge boson - a particle that mediates the interaction of two elementary particles
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For his part, Ayman Abu Hend, Direct Investment Manager at the American Cartel Capital and regional partner at US investment company Graviton, ruled out the likelihood that the sector will witness a recession in sales volume in the foreseeable future.
ab] with the electron and photon coordinate labels not some new graviton coordinate and it has only one [mu] and two a, b indices.
QUICKEST U-TURN In 1916 Einstein predicted the existence of waves and a corresponding particle, the graviton, that are responsible for gravity.
If graviton mass diminishes the effect of dark energy, they point out, then dark energy would be stronger in regions with less gravity, such as nearby voids in space.
Alternatively, various string theories predict that the source of gravity is extra-dimensional graviton particles.
But as Hall will one day become a minor Marvel super villain called Graviton, this is the closest it looks like we're going to get to having an actual super hero turn up on the small screen for now.
In the quantal state everything exist as unlimited probabilities and it is the conscious observer that brings one of the probabilities into one graviton criteria and consciousness.
needed to develop the Graviton concept into a full-scale
The Graviton Ring and the Structure of Everything is available in print, audio, and ebook format.
With so-called "missing mass" and other theories such as gravitational waves and the graviton, gravity theory is being defended in the absence of observation; these conditions have never been observed despite advances in science.
The photon would be joined by the photino, the graviton by the gravitino, the gluon by the gluino, and the W and Z vector bosons (how I love those guys
The simplest vibration of a closed string produces a graviton, the quantized particle of gravity.