gravity gradient

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Noun1.gravity gradient - a gradient in the gravitational forces acting on different parts of a nonspherical object; "the gravity gradient of the moon causes the ocean tides on Earth"
gradient - a graded change in the magnitude of some physical quantity or dimension
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To evaluate and learn to predict the effect of the gravity gradient along a levelling section to the levelling results, a field experiment on a terraced landform was conducted.
If there is a linear regional gravity gradient, as is the case here, polynomial method can be a good approach to the regional-residual separation process.
Further drill holes will test targets identified by Moving Loop TDEM/AMT surveys and structural lineaments derived from magnetic and gravity gradient surveys in this area.
Thomas and Vogel [12] performed another borehole experiment at the Nevada Test Site in 1989 in which they measured the gravity gradient as a function of depth, the local average matter density, and the above ground gradient, also known as the free-air gradient.
This measured value for the gravity gradient is about the same as that which can be calculated from Newton's gravitational equation if the earth were assumed to be a sphere of radius [R.