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Noun1.gravity meter - a measuring instrument for measuring variations in the gravitational field of the earth
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Scintrex CG-3M is an automated gravity meter covering a range of over 7000 mGals without resetting 7000 mGal (1 mGal = 10-5 ms-2), meaning that it can be used almost on the entire Earth's surface.
The borehole gravity meter was calibrated by comparison with an absolute gravity meter.
Other items that come as standard include a head-up display projecting performance details on to the windscreen, a gravity meter to measure cornering forces and keyless entry.
Yet if dark energy's antigravity effect--it's ability to exert negative pressure--were strong enough, it could swing the gravity meter from the plus side to the minus side, Einstein's theory dictates.
Realizing that winds on Earth could potentially have the same effect, Kobayashi alerted Kazunari Nawa, a seismologist at Nagoya University who was studying records from an extremely sensitive gravity meter stationed at the South Pole.
TRIAXUS is towed behind the ship to collect data on phytoplankton, which indicates ocean health and productivity, Gravity meter is able to detect changes in the substrate of the sea bed and can be used for geological structure and resource research, Trawling the ship will be able to trawl to depths of 4,000 metres, a capability Australia has not previously had available, which we believe will lead to the discovery of species new to science, Coring of the seafloor in shallow water and deep water (up to 8,000 metres of water).
The gravity data will be acquired with a leased LaCoste and Romberg Model G gravity meter.
They theorized that a previously unrecognized force -- acting over distances of tens to thousands of meters -- had altered the attraction between the gravity meter and the rock around the shaft.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Gravity meter geophysical survey instrument