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n. pl. grayling or gray·lings
Any of several freshwater salmonid fishes of the genus Thymallus of northern North America and Eurasia, having a small mouth and a large dorsal fin and valued as a food and game fish.


n, pl -ling or -lings
1. (Animals) any freshwater salmonoid food fish of the genus Thymallus and family Thymallidae, of the N hemisphere, having a long spiny dorsal fin, a silvery back, and greyish-green sides
2. (Animals) any butterfly of the satyrid genus Hipparchia and related genera, esp H. semele of Europe, having grey or greyish-brown wings


(ˈgreɪ lɪŋ)

any freshwater game fish of the genus Thymallus, related to the trout.
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It will mean a trip to the tackle shop for the legendary Grayling Bug lure that is supposed to guarantee success and a return visit to the Eden.
When CSI Industrial Systems, Grayling, Michigan, closed in June 2002, several engineering and project management personnel formed the Kodiak Group, Grayling, Michigan.
On July 4, Grayling Mitchell, an inmate at the California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi, wrote me the following letter:
Dutko Worldwide, which grew to prominence as a public policy management firm specializing in federal and state lobbying and government marketing, is being re-launched formally today as Dutko Grayling.
Grayling Health, an integrated health and wellness communications offering tailored for the Middle East and Turkey is created by Grayling and Huntsworth Health, major divisions of LEADING global communications consultancy Huntsworth.
Justice Secretary Chris Grayling claimed unions were buying Labour Party policy.
EVEN in a government packed with headline-grabbing ministers, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling stands out for his brazen publicity seeking.
DISQUALIFIED drivers who kill while behind the wheel will face longer jail terms under tougher sentences announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.
LEADING writers are calling on Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to meet with them face-to-face in their campaign against the Government's ban on sending books to prisoners.
After breaking her arm on a city sidewalk, Glenda Grayling might have been due more than she received.
BRITAIN has the right to ignore the European Court of Human Rights over votes for prisoners, but will face political "consequences" if it does so, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said.
WINTER grayling fishing has risen in popularity over the past decade or so and many fly anglers fish for them even on the coldest of winter days.