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graze 1

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To feed on growing grasses and herbage.
2. Informal
a. To eat a variety of appetizers as a full meal.
b. To eat snacks throughout the day in place of full meals.
1. To feed on (herbage) in a field or on pastureland.
2. To feed on the herbage of (a piece of land).
3. To afford herbage for the feeding of: This field will graze 30 head of cattle.
4. To put (livestock) out to feed.
5. To tend (feeding livestock) in a pasture.

[Middle English grasen, from Old English grasian, from græs, grass; see ghrē- in Indo-European roots.]

graze′a·ble, graz′a·ble adj.
graz′er n.

graze 2

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To touch lightly in passing; brush. See Synonyms at brush1.
2. To scrape or scratch slightly; abrade.
To scrape or touch something lightly in passing.
1. The act of brushing or scraping along a surface.
2. A minor scratch or abrasion.

[Perhaps from graze.]


(ˈɡreɪzəbəl) or


(Agriculture) able to be grazed
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2012) in a modelling study reported that 28 t DM/ha/yr grazeable CFS is achievable compared to current 15 t DM/ha from pastures for AMS cows.
Supply of grazeable forages in critical periods of supply: Islam et al.
Clusters of trees are ineligible even if they have grazeable vegetation growing underneath.
This is based on grazeable rangeland, excluding dense cedar brakes.
government biologists who declared at the turn of the century "that prairie dogs reduce grazeable ranch land by up to 75 percent.
These are: i) maximising pasture yield to the highest potential; ii) increasing the dry matter (DM) grown per ha through the use of alternative grazeable forages such as incorporation of a complementary forage rotation (CFR); and iii) supplement cows using purchased feed or feed conserved greater than 1-km from the dairy.
Thus there is a good prospect of APSIM to be used as a tool to screen forage options that can supply grazeable forages for a large herd (400 to 800 cows) throughout the year in an automatic milking system (AMS) dairy.