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graze 1

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To feed on growing grasses and herbage.
2. Informal
a. To eat a variety of appetizers as a full meal.
b. To eat snacks throughout the day in place of full meals.
1. To feed on (herbage) in a field or on pastureland.
2. To feed on the herbage of (a piece of land).
3. To afford herbage for the feeding of: This field will graze 30 head of cattle.
4. To put (livestock) out to feed.
5. To tend (feeding livestock) in a pasture.

[Middle English grasen, from Old English grasian, from græs, grass; see ghrē- in Indo-European roots.]

graze′a·ble, graz′a·ble adj.
graz′er n.

graze 2

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To touch lightly in passing; brush. See Synonyms at brush1.
2. To scrape or scratch slightly; abrade.
To scrape or touch something lightly in passing.
1. The act of brushing or scraping along a surface.
2. A minor scratch or abrasion.

[Perhaps from graze.]


(ˈgreɪ zər)
1. an animal that grazes.
2. Informal. a person who engages in grazing.
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Indeed, in Grazers life story, curiosity plays a leading role.
Tanentzap began wondering about spit from bigger grazers when he read a 2002 study on a different aspect of moose saliva: its power to encourage half-eaten twigs to branch as they regrow into another tender meal.
A Try Grazers spray, which protects from pigeons, deer, rabbits and geese.