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A person who grazes cattle.

[Middle English grasier, from grasen, to graze; see graze1.]


(Agriculture) a rancher or farmer who rears or fattens cattle or sheep on grazing land


(ˈgreɪ ʒər)

n. Chiefly Brit.
a person who grazes cattle for the market.
[1225–75; Middle English grasier. See graze1, -ier1]
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Noun1.grazier - a rancher who grazes cattle or sheep for market
rancher - a person who owns or operates a ranch


n (esp Brit) → Viehzüchter(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
Here, in Number Two, are my cases that I plead: Family of an officer who fell at Waterloo; Wife of a poor curate stricken down by nervous debility; Widow of a grazier in difficulties gored to death by a mad bull; et cetera, et cetera.
I say then," continued Sancho, "that in a village of Estremadura there was a goat-shepherd -that is to say, one who tended goats- which shepherd or goatherd, as my story goes, was called Lope Ruiz, and this Lope Ruiz was in love with a shepherdess called Torralva, which shepherdess called Torralva was the daughter of a rich grazier, and this rich grazier-"
Her father was a grazier, her grandfather had been a butcher, but that was all nothing.
I knew a nobleman in England, that had the greatest audits of any man in my time; a great grazier, a great sheep-master, a great timber man, a great collier, a great corn-master, a great lead-man, and so of iron, and a number of the like points of husbandry.
A short walk brought us to it, a bleak moorland house, once the farm of some grazier in the old prosperous days, but now put into repair and turned into a modern dwelling.
He was a sturdy old fellow in a broad-skirted blue coat, made pretty large, to fit easily, and with no particular waist; his bulky legs clothed in drab breeches and high gaiters, and his head protected by a low-crowned broad-brimmed white hat, such as a wealthy grazier might wear.
She's the daughter of one Isaac Foster, who from a small farmer has sunk into a shepherd; the beginning of his misfortunes dating from his runaway marriage with the cook of his widowed father--a well-to-do, apoplectic grazier, who passionately struck his name off his will, and had been heard to utter threats against his life.
Not so travels the money-meditating tradesman, the sagacious justice, the dignified doctor, the warm-clad grazier, with all the numerous offspring of wealth and dulness.
He struggled hard, and suffered much, for some time; but, having a contented disposition, and a good purpose, succeeded in the end; and, from being a farmer's drudge, and a carrier's lad, he is now the merriest young grazier in all Northamptonshire.
Mixed farmer and grazier, Fiona Simson was also returned to the role of Vice-President at the AGM.
Snack 'n' Read promotes early childhood reading with a healthy twist -- snacking on Sun-Maid natural raisins," said Sun-Maid Marketing Director Jackie Grazier.
The incident involving Colin Grazier will be brought back to life at Earls Court in London and up to 50,000 people are expected to flock to the four performances being held on the weekend of December 7 and 8.