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1. Soft or melted animal fat, especially after rendering.
2. A thick oil or viscous substance, especially when used as a lubricant.
a. The oily substance present in raw wool; suint.
b. Raw wool that has not been cleansed of this oily substance.
4. Slang Something, such as money or influence, that facilitates the attainment of an object or a desire: accepted some grease to fix the outcome of the race.
tr.v. (grēs, grēz) greased, greas·ing, greas·es
1. To coat, smear, or soil with grease: greased the pie pan.
2. To lubricate with grease.
3. To facilitate the progress of.
4. Slang To kill. See Note at greasy.
grease (someone's) palm/hand Slang
To bribe.

[Middle English grese, from Anglo-Norman grece, from Vulgar Latin *crassia, from Latin crassus, fat, thick.]

grease′less adj.
grease′proof′ adj.


(ˈɡriːsˌpruːf; ˈɡriːzˌpruːf)
resistant to penetration by greases and oils
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Adj.1.greaseproof - resistant to penetration by grease or oil or wax; "greaseproof wrapping paper"
imperviable, impervious - not admitting of passage or capable of being affected; "a material impervious to water"; "someone impervious to argument"


A. ADJ (Brit) → a prueba de grasa, impermeable a la grasa
B. CPD greaseproof paper Npapel m encerado
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This is a high-quality natural greaseproof paper that provides retailers and caterers with a healthy alternative to typical food wrap.
Mr Wescomb revealed that Chevler, whose products are manufactured to strict food hygiene industry certified standards using high quality Scandinavian natural greaseproof paper, will be launching a standard multi-colour range of tulip muffin cases in the spring.
Take a piece of greaseproof paper twice the size of the breast and fold to give a double layer.
Meanwhile cut a doublethickness strip of greaseproof paper 5cm (2in) deeper than your cake tin and long enough to wrap around the tin with a slight overlap.
Place them on to greaseproof paper and keep in the fridge.
T 454 om-00 "Turpentine test for voids in glassine and greaseproof papers" (July 12, 2005)
You can also use non-VCI greaseproof stretchable wrap, NSN 8135-00-753-4661, and add CORTEX Cor-Pak I-MUL VCI packets, NSN 6850-01-470-2737, at one per cubic foot inside the wrap.
Place mound of noodle mixture in the centre of one sheet of greaseproof paper or aluminium foil.
Fold in the hazelnuts and spoon into two 18cm, non-stick, round cake tins (oiled, bases lined with greaseproof paper).
Lightly grease and line a deep 18cm/7in round cake tin with greased greaseproof paper.
5 After 15 minutes, place greaseproof paper over the base with rice on top of it.