great saphenous vein

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Noun1.great saphenous vein - the longest vein in the bodygreat saphenous vein - the longest vein in the body; runs from foot to the groin where it joins the femoral vein
saphenous vein, vena saphena - either of two chief superficial veins of the leg that drain blood from the foot
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Varicosity can involve the main axial superficial veins, the great saphenous vein (GSV) or the small saphenous vein (SSV) or any other superficial vein tributaries of the lower limbs.
Retrospective estimates of the incidence of nerve injury when the great saphenous vein is stripped from the groin to the ankle range from 23% to 40%.
Contract award notice: provision of "surgical gloves, work gloves, finger cots polyethylene, suprapubic catheters, hemodialysis machines in low permeability polysulfone, pressure tapping lines 2 bladder and urethral tract, urinal type devices, hypodermic needles, probes for occlusion great saphenous vein radiofrequency transcutaneous intravenous, covers radiology cassette cover "and associated services for all institutions of aphp.
COPENHAGEN -- Superior 5-year outcomes for great saphenous vein reflux were achieved with conventional surgery and endovenous laser ablation as compared with ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy in a randomized trial, Dr.
Preliminary results of the safety and efficacy with a hybrid treatment of insufficiency of the great saphenous vein
Sapheon develops and manufactures the VenaSeal system that uses a specially formulated medical adhesive to close the great saphenous vein in patients with varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
North Carolina-based Sapheon is the company behind the VenaSeal system, which uses medical adhesive to close the great saphenous vein in patients with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and varicose veins, the buyer explained.
Both treatments were equally efficaceous in eliminating great saphenous vein reflux, alleviating symptoms and signs of saphenous varicosities, and improving QoL.
5-5% of those undergoing endovenous laser ablation (25) and in up to 58% of those undergoing stripping of the great saphenous vein.
The right great saphenous vein exhibits drainage into the distal part of right common femoral vein (Fig.
Pain severity by 10-point visual analog scale (VAS), an area of subcutaneous hemorrhage in the zone of femoral great saphenous vein resection (by original 12-point scale) and subjective feelings of limb heaviness and fatigability were evaluated 7, 14 and 30 days after the procedure.
Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Sapheno-Femoral Ligation and Stripping of the Great Saphenous Vein with Endovenous Laser Ablation (980 nm) Using Local Tumescent Anaesthesia: One Year Results.