great skua

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great skua

A predatory gull-like seabird (Stercorarius skua) of the North Atlantic, having brownish plumage.


(ˈskyu ə)

n., pl. sku•as.
1. any of several large, brown, gull-like predatory birds of the genus Catharacta, related to jaegers, esp. C. skua (great skua), of colder waters of both northern and southern seas.
2. Brit. jaeger (def. 1).
[1670–80; < Faeroese skū(g)vur; compare Old Norse skūfr tassel, tuft, also skua (in poetry)]
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Noun1.great skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlanticgreat skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlantic
bonxie, skua - gull-like jaeger of northern seas
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A Gannet was blown onto Porthmadog's Llyn Bach, followed by a Great Skua on nearby Glaslyn Marshes, where a Slavonian Grebe is overwintering.
The latter vantage point already has provided rare sightings of great skua and black-capped petrel this winter.
Christopher was an aspiring ornithologist spending hours cataloguing the island's birds, and was horrified to be told that he had to give the children the the eggs of the which were protected day off to collect great skua, wh birds.
They usually sneak out of the nest under the cover of darkness to avoid predators such as the black-backed gull and the great skua.
There was the occasion when two islanders in their fishing boat encountered a great skua holding down and drowning an eider duck.
THE Great Skua, the Arctic Tern and the Shetland Kittiwake.
what is stolen from them), the northern gannet, great black-backed gull, and great skua are at the top.
Since the mid-1980s, his team has been studying a great skua breeding colony, analyzing bones and feathers in pellets that skuas cough up after feeding.
He had denied taking the egg of a rare red-throated diver and two eggs of the wild great skua.
Phalarope - - - Pomarine Jaeger - - - Parasitic Jaeger - + - Long-tailed Jaeger - + + Great Skua - - - Franklin's Gull - - - Black-headed Gull - - - Mew Gull - - - Thayer's Gull + B + Iceland Gull - - - Glaucous Gull + B + Great Black-backed Gull - B -
A great skua (a gull-like, predatory bird), defending its nest in the Falkland Islands, proved too much, knocking out one of the most famous nature photographers of our time.