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The second time that his library was taken from him, Sir Robert died, but it was given back to his son, and many years later his great-great-grandson gave it to the nation.
Charles and Karen Leonard of Batavia, four grandchildren, Scot (Donna) and David (Carrie) Leonard and Violet and Lantz (Jennifer) Ingersoll, nine great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson.
Mr Thomas, 53, Brunel's great-great-grandson, said after the journey: "I think train travel is a quicker way to get around because the roads are too congested now.
The 47-year-old married dad of three lived near Stow, Selkirkshire, and was the great-great-grandson of Christian Salvesen, who founded the company.
THE story of a Liverpool "miracle" soldier is set to be told in a film directed by his great-great-grandson.
Author John Kotzian is the great-great-grandson of Law.
They threatened to cut off her finger before grabbing PS750 including PS50 worth of coins she was saving up for her great-great-grandson.
Events include a gubernatorial forum with Governor Phil Bryant, a luncheon program featuring the great-great-grandson of President Jefferson Davis, a lecture on the legacies of Mississippi's governors, a statewide flower show, plein-air artists stationed around town whose art will be sold that afternoon, musical performers, an American folk-music concert, children's activities, book signings, a bake sale, a silent auction, and more.
a Nez Perce elder and the great-great-grandson of Chief Joseph, struck a hand drum as his voice resonated through the Cottage Grove Public Library on Saturday.
Actor Ralph Fiennes, Claire Tomalin and Mark Dickens, the writers' great-great-grandson, gave readings.
A single bell will be rung by Councillor Bob Wellington, Leader of Torfaen County Borough Council, and Robin Herbert, great-great-grandson of Sir Benjamin Hall who gave the name "Big Ben" to the bell of the clock installed in the tower of the Houses of Parliament in 1857.
has a six-month-old great-great-grandson named Jayden.