greatest common divisor

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great·est common divisor

n. Abbr. gcd
The largest number that divides evenly into each of a given set of numbers. Also called greatest common factor, highest common factor.

greatest common divisor

(Mathematics) another name for highest common factor

great′est com′mon divi′sor

the largest number that is a common divisor of a given set of numbers. Abbr.: G.C.D. Also called great′est com′mon fac′tor.
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Noun1.greatest common divisor - the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers
common divisor, common factor, common measure - an integer that divides two (or more) other integers evenly
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suurin yhteinen tekijä
grootste gemene deler
största gemensamma delare
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N+1]] be a list of integers with greatest common divisor equal to 1, and let
He describes rings and fields, including linear equations in a field and vector spaces, polynomials over a field, factorization into primes, ideals and the greatest common divisor, solution of the general equation of nth degree, residual classes, extension fields, and isomorphisms.
Finding the Greatest Common Divisor and the Least Common Multiple is of Type [I.